Special Offers for Spring

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Pick and Mix Holistic Hour – Only £30 (Normally £40)


Escape the winter blues and treat yourself to an hour of total bliss


Choose your own three treatments from the following:-


  • Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulders

  • Hot Stone Back Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Reiki

  • Reflexology

  • Mini Facial

  • Leg & Foot Massage

  • Back Exfoliation Treatment


Add a 30 minutes Far Infrared Sauna session for only £6 (normally £10)


Add a file and polish on fingers OR toes for £10 extra (normally £12)

Massage Treatments

All our Aromatherapy treatments are carried out with specifically formulated blends to suit each individual client.
Treatments can help to relieve Arthritis and Rheumatism, aches and pains (e.g. after sports), stress and tension, fluid retention and cellulite. 



Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Includes Face & Scalp....£35



Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Was £25  Now £22

Course of 4 Was £90  Now £80


Back Exfoliation - £5

This extra treatment starts with skin brushing, followed by an Essential Oil infused compress to open the pores. Then your back will be buffed and polished using our home-made Aromatherapy salt scrub, followed by another compress. This treatment is ideal for anyone with problem skin & spots, before or after a holiday or just as some extra pampering for this hard to reach area which is often neglected



Lymphatic Drainage Massage

For ladies, to help with cellulite & fluid retention From £25


Leg, Foot & Ankle Massage

Ideal after work-out / sport to prevent muscle fatigue £15


Remedial Full Body Massage

Targets releasing muscle tension in order to relieve conditions & injuries like sciatica, neck& shoulder pain and arthritic pain £30


Remedial Back Massage

Was £22  Now £20


Express Stress Package £35

5 treatments in 1 - The perfect choice if you need instant stress relief  but are short of time. The package includes:-

- Heated Foot Massage - to revitalise tired feet

- Warm Wax Hand Soother - ideal for dry, chapped skin and arthritis sufferers

- Seated Aromatherapy upper back, neck and shoulder massage

- Facial Pressure Points Massage

- Scalp Massage- with or without oils

Warm Wax Soother

Excellent for Arthritis & Rheumatism in the hands or feet.

The skin is covered with warm wax with a blend of Aromatherapy oils added and wrapped in warm towels. When removed, it leaves a warmth within the tissue and the skin is left feeling satin smooth £15

The Original Oriental Stone Massage        

So much more than a Massage


This is a truly holistic experience, this energy treatment involves a deep tissue massage using warm stones to massage and cocoon the body, whilst you experience relaxation beyond your dreams. Stones are also placed on energy centres, acupressure points and any areas of discomfort or injury, accelerating the healing process. Circulation improves rapidly and toxins are eliminated from the body, easing muscular tension, headaches and injuries. The use of specially blended essential oils to correct imbalances help to support, sooth and heal emotional concerns and stresses. Individually prepared foot balms enhance the reflex massage of the feet and cooling, soothing gels are used on eyes and facial areas, with cool gemstones to refresh and re-balance the skin.


Choose from :-

Full Body Treatment

One And A Half Hours (Includes Facial And Reflexology Point Acupressure) £45

Back Massage

Half Hour Treatment (May be combined with Facial or Foot Treatment) £30

Facial Treatment 

Half Hour Treatment (Includes Scalp Treatment) £30

Please allow time to sit for a while following your treatment and enjoy a cup of herbal tea or fruit juice so that you can leave the salon feeling fully invigorated and hydrated with your feet firmly back on the ground.

Indian Head Massage
The instant "stress buster" - intense massage of the back, neck and shoulders, carried out whilst sitting, is extremely effective at releasing tension caused by bad posture & stress.
This treatment can be carried out using oil on the scalp to encourage a healthy scalp and hair growth. A compress with oils can also be used to relieve headache & migraine

Was £25  Now £22  Course of 4 Was £90  Now £80


Was £25  Now £22  Course of 4 Was £85  Now £80

Reflexology Treatment

Initial Treatment inc. Consultation £25

Subsequent treatments...................£22

Course of 4....................................£85

Metamorphic Technique £20 Course of 4 £70
This is a very light massage of the spinal reflex points on the head, hands & feet. It is very relaxing and encourages changes on a mental, emotional & physical level

Spa Body Treatments


Mineral Body Conditioning Treatment £30
A full body exfoliating treatment using a blend of Dead Sea Salts and Aromatherapy oils, followed by a massage with Mineral Body moisturiser. Excellent for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis


Full Body Exfoliate £20
Suitable for everyone - includes a light massage using natural exfoliating body scrub which smooths away flaky, dry skin cells to leave the skin feeling satin smooth.
This treatment is particularly useful when applied in conjunction with a full body "Aromatherapy Massage" when the total cost will be £45 - a saving of £10


Mud Body Wrap £30 Course of 3 £80 
This is a luxurious pampering treatment for the whole body using Dead Sea Mud which is rich in 21 minerals and trace elements. An excellent treatment ideal for brightening tired skin, increasing the circulation and relieving aching muscles. Pure relaxation for the body and mind

* New*

Short of time but in need

of a treat?

Try our new 20 minutes Massage Treatment

Choose from Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Head Massage or Foot Massage

Only £15


* New* The Ultimate Relaxation Package

Are you feeling stressed?

For those who want to experience total peace and relaxation we offer you a chance to really unwind.


The package begins with a half-hour session in our Far Infrared Sauna where you will be guided through a progressive muscular relaxation technique by listening to our “Rest and Relaxation” CD. Then, through visualisation techniques, you will be transported to a peaceful and beautiful desert island.

This will leave you completely relaxed in mind and body and ready to enjoy a massage of your choice.

Choose either an Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage or an Aromatherapy Full Body Massage.


Price includes light refreshments.


Relaxation Package including an Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £27


Relaxation Package including an Aromatherapy Full Body Massage £40

Why not add a Head Massage to your treatment?

Before you enter the Far Infrared Sauna you will enjoy a short head massage using our unique Coconut Conditioner.

This is applied warm to your scalp and contains Orange, Geranium and Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oils, which will leave your hair soft, shiny and smelling divine. The Sauna provides the perfect environment for this conditioning treatment. 

Only £10 extra

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